What I Do


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  • The expectation of service
  • Professional interaction – meeting and greeting your client
  • Building conversation and building rapport with your client
  • Body language, personal space; and entering, exiting and navigating around the selling environment
  • Understanding what luxury means today
  • The language of luxury – what you say and how you say it
  • The building of a sustained relationship beyond a transaction
  • British social etiquette
  • Client dining etiquette
  • Men’s style
  • Presentation Skills and connecting with your audience


“James lives and embodies what he trains. It was really inspirational.”

Louis Vuitton


“Really insightful and very enjoyable training.”



“Very, very good. Great knowledge, well presented, friendly and engaging. A real pleasure to be in the training session.”

Lister Hospital


“James was fantastic. The mix of interaction and theory was great! Warm and enjoyable to listen to, very personable and knowledgeable. Amazing experience.”

Grace Belgravia


“Great day, thank you James. Great training for life.”


“James kept everyone’s attention and delivered the programme brilliantly.”

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park


“Best trainer I’ve ever had the privilege of being taught by.”

The Harley Street Clinic


Luxury Service Etiquette

What does Luxury actually mean? Can we define it? Surely it means different things to different people? A product or service has had such thought put into it from conception to realisation that those delivering or selling it to market play a critical role – bringing it to life and contributing to its success.

Training is tailored for every client – working with teams at all levels from associate to board level. Being highly interactive it will ensure for the development and enhancement of the ‘soft skills’ essential for brand ambassadors to realise their potential, connect with their client and bring a product or service to life.

British Etiquette & Personal Impact

Understanding the intricacies of British behaviour and expectation can mark the difference between having confidence in formal situations or not, or gaining business success or not.

Training is tailored for every client, and can incorporate insight into dining etiquette, social interaction, and networking skills.

Men’s Style

Before we even open our mouth, and beyond the subtleties of interaction, how we dress can reveal a great deal about who we are. Society and business expects a sound grasp of standards of appearance and hygiene.

Training is tailored for every client, and can incorporate insight into formal tailoring to smart casual. It will include advice on suits (cloth, design and flattering shape) shirts (fabric, design and flattering collar shapes) and ties (knots, tie width and length, design and colour theory).

Presentation Skills

Standing and speaking in front of an audience can test the most worldly of people. Knowing your subject is one thing, but being able to communicate and connect with your audience articulately, successfully and memorably requires thought and practice.

Being adaptable and stimulating for your audience, and understanding (both verbally and physically) the value of pace and timing will only enhance the performance. This training will set out to address all aspects of presentation delivery.


Brand Consultancy

  • Product & Service Development and Implementation
  • Copywriting


  • Editorial Content
  • TV, Radio, Print Interviews

Public Speaking

  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Brand Events & Launches