You don’t build a business. You build people. And then people build the business


If I was working my socks off for a company, I was doing the best I can for every customer I come across, and then I receive the news that in the diary is a couple of days of customer service training – I think my heart would sink too.

I’d take a big breath in and out, and after my sigh and a slow shake of the head, would be saying to myself, “We’re all working as hard as we can with the resources we have.”

That was me, some years ago.

What I do, isn’t just customer service training…

It would be too bland and dry to think of it like that. Sure, the outcome is set to give the customer the best possible experience and to encourage a long lasting relationship with the company, but my first port of call is you, the employee.

So pivotal to what is deemed as excellent service is that it’s being delivered by someone who is genuine with it. I like to re-access why we choose the profession we’re in, in the first place? What it is that excited us in the first place? I’m also really interested to see and have people describe what they perceive to be their ‘value’ to their organisation? Encouraging them to be proud of what they’re bringing to the table.


I’d like to be seen as someone who reignites the drive within a team, questions and challenges them, and steers them to the realisation that, in fact, they already hold many of the skills needed to give extraordinary service, while acknowledging and showing the ways they can push ever harder and strive for it.

I’ve just finished a training project with Mount Cook this week – a phenomenal outdoor adventure centre, just north of Derby in the UK. These guys are doing amazing things already and their feedback is astonishingly good, wherever you turn online. They’re clear leaders in the outdoor world.

The number one slot in your field is extraordinarily competitive. The perfect person to draw inspiration from, as we did, is Roger Federer. Current Tennis world number one. Indisputably the most immense champion of our era.

But to paraphrase some of his insight about that number one spot, he says, “Even though I was and am sitting at number one in the world, at no point do I or must I stop questioning myself – asking what I can do better, what I can work on, how I can train harder and improve my game?”

He goes on, “If I stand still and don’t keep pushing, I am effectively going backwards because there will always be someone else pushing for the top spot behind me.”

Every organisation needs to be of this view if they are to maintain success. Innovation and hard work, create a favourable outcome.

I’ll leave you with this… A few words from a couple of people who came, remembered why they do what they do, and are now more empowered to push on… for themselves and the organisation:

“I was apprehensive about the training as I expected it to be very formal with a lot of sitting around and some terrible video clips… I was pleasantly surprised! James gave us the opportunity to look at ourselves in a new light, he asked questions that provoked long overdue discussions. The majority of the training was interactive and allowed everyone to have their input. I believe the training was one of the most beneficial things we have done for our organisation, and it highlighted key areas for improvement and encouraged us to be creative with our solutions. I would recommend this training to any business. Thank you James.”– Attendee, April 2018

“The Customer Service training that James provided for the Staff at Mount Cook has had an impact that was genuinely unexpected. We only anticipated to improve our customer experience, we didn’t expect the essential observations that would completely reform the way that we operate. The highly professional approach and insight into our business has been invaluable, all delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. I would highly recommend James to any business that is looking to strengthen their team, even if you already feel as strong as we did in the first place –  truly brilliant!” – Attendee, April 2018

You don’t build a business.

You build people.

And then people build the business.




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