The shop floor



Product designed – check

Product manufactured – check

Product delivered – check

Store designed – check

Store fitted – check

Store opened – check

Marketing campaigns, social media, website – check, check, check


So what is left?


People are the storytellers, the facilitators of the ‘theatre’ that surrounds luxury delivery, the architects of bringing value to a product or service – ultimately bringing the brand to life.

They must always be ready.

So when they aren’t, and they take their eye off the ball, a brand impression and reputation, suffers.

Shop floors might not always be busy places, but if they aren’t and you’re working on them for a luxury brand, avoid creating a scene of ‘boredom’ – a stage where it’s ok to be playing on your phone. The fourth wall is open to the world, and we can see.

This was the scene today in Knightbridge, within a very well known luxury brand. Not a good look.

Still, at least 1 out of 3 were ready to say hello.