Good service is easy


Good service isn’t difficult. Sometimes there can be things to challenge the delivery of it, but 9 times out of 10, bad service is a consequence of not being thoughtful, kind and most importantly not listening, being interested or caring enough about your customer.

A good starting point to be better at it is to imagine what you would like to see, hear and feel if you were the customer of your product or service. Successful service can be defined as such when positive and memorable feelings are created by the service provider for others. These feelings will generate loyalty and will undeniably lay the seeds for a company to grow and flourish.

Marketing used to be carried out ‘for the people’, but with the voice of social media it is done more so ‘by the people’. So we all have an opinion we are willing to share.

Here’s a pic of a banner that hangs high above a Waitrose wall in Haywards Heath which opened this morning. Within the thousands of businesses out there providing a product or service to customers around the world, supermarkets (and I include the others) do continuously surprise me in how consistent they are at providing thoughtful and ‘genuine’ service. A lot of other business sectors could learn a lot from the number of supermarkets I’ve visited in recent weeks, and sometimes it is in the most unlikely of places that you will find some of the best service.

Like I said, good service isn’t difficult, but it must be genuine. When it is, not only will you help bring a product or service to life, but you will know what it feels like to have a loyal customer base.