Collar Club


Forget your film, contact lense, or magazine subscription,  Collar Club is a new way to manage your shirt wardrobe. How does it work?

They send through a shirt to try. Once you’ve tried it, you return it within 5 days. For the record: The off-the-shelf shirts come in slim or tailored. ‘Slim’ is as the name suggests and ‘tailored’ is for a more classic fit. Perhaps calling this cut ‘tailored’ is a little misunderstood. You can choose your cuff style and where your cuff sits, thanks to a number of sleeve length options. A step up from this and you arrive into the world of made-to-order where more options are at your disposal. This comes with a minimum order of five shirts, but also an ability to personalise.
For a monthly fee of £30/month or £60/month you can get a five or ten shirts respectively over the course of a year. All quite helpful in a world of budgeting!

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