Your Wardrobe’s New Year Revolution

2015 New Year celebration


2015. A year yet defined, but soon enough the talk will be all about those New Year’s resolutions. Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Exercise more. Eat less. Learn something new. Now, I’m not going to sit here tapping away telling you how to do or why you should do any of those things, but what I will say is that it’s always a good opportunity at this time to do a bit of wardrobe maintenance. A wardrobe “New Year’s Revolution” if you will. (Sorry!)

Christmas Gifts

The Father Christmas jumper, the book that is neither interesting nor funny, and the socks that are the colour you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Can you take them back?

  • Many retailers will offer an exchange (most likely) or in a very few cases a refund. In fact, only expect a refund if your item is faulty. Yours chances or success with a returning item are greatly improved by having a receipt or a gift receipt. At this time of year you will find that many retailers extend the returns period to accommodate you, but if you turn up in March don’t expect an easy ride!
  • It goes without saying that goods need to be in mint condition with the original packaging. And if you reckon you can return underpants , you’ll be lucky!


Buying in the sales

With the lure of percentage signs, and so much ‘money off’ that it makes out they are practically giving the stuff away, Sale time is tempting. But bear in mind the following:

  • Sales will advertise as selling at discounts “Up to …. %.” This means that not everything on sale will be at the full discount, so don’t expect that.
  • Secondly, ask yourself, “If it wasn’t in the sale, would I buy it?” You may have a bit more pocket money in your back pocket, but so many people make the mistake of buying what they don’t need because it’s ‘good value’.
  • Thirdly, bear in mind what stock is being offered. If you’re buying shirts for instance, you are unlikely to find classic colours because they sell well and aren’t seasonal. Retailers will be moving on stock that is from the last season. So expect offerings to be seasonal and more fashion focused.


Throwing and sorting

There is never time to open up your wardrobe and have a good sort out. Us guys spend most of the year grabbing stuff out of it without giving its contents a proper look.

  • If you are buying something new, consider throwing something out. Simple. More so, if you are replacing something, then there is no reason on this earth why you’d keep the old one. Agreed?


Dry Cleaning

Back to work with a clean suit will put you in a better frame of mind for when you start again in January. Nothing worse than starting a new year with some of the Christmas party still on your lapel, or sweat curtsy of that outrageous dance routine you pulled out of the bag.

  • Just a word on Dry Cleaning:  Don’t do it too often. The spirits used in the process cause damage to the fibres of a suit, changing colour and fullness. Sponge and Pressing is a good cure for an everyday spruce.


Shoe Repairs

Do you need to get your work shoes re-heeled and re-soled? Firstly, if you have bought a good quality shoe in the first place, then you are less likely to have to buy a new pair as often.

  • If you need repairs – get a new leather sole put on the shoe, followed by a very thin layer of rubber sole. Not only does this give you more grip on the streets, but the rubber is a cheap replacement job and minimises the necessity for having the leather soles replaced every time.
  • As I say time and time again – if you buy expensive shoes, they will be with you for years.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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