Tweed All About It

I remember when the mere mention of tweed conjured up thoughts of being stuffy, boring and old fashioned. Something that was reserved for the next generation. But both smart and practical, for me, Tweed has since become something that should be making an appearance in every man’s wardrobe.


The original name of the cloth was tweel, meaning twill. It being woven in a twilled rather than a plain pattern. A traditional story has the name coming about almost by chance. About 1830, a London merchant received a letter from a Hawick firm about some tweels. The London merchant misinterpreted the handwriting, understanding it to be a trade-name taken from the river Tweed that flows through the Scottish Borders textile area. Subsequently the goods were advertised as Tweed, and the name has remained ever since.

Being robust and versatile, it makes for a great material for more than just a suit or jacket. Upholstery and even curtains are a smart way of employing the delights of Tweed. Or even…

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed

I’m a big fan of this tweed Man Bag by Catherine Aitken. Smart and practical (there are those words again), but what I really like is it’s sense of humour in uterlising a tweed jacket and reusing the jacket pockets that were.  Great fun!

Approximate dimensions are 36cms wide by 30cms high and 8cms deep. Cost £135.

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  1. Reblogged this on Joanne Shewan Textiles and commented:
    Tweed – its oh so fashionable with lots of lovely high quality products on the market – such as this fabulous Man Bag by Catherine Aitken. Plus some not so good ‘makers’ who have jumped on the bandwagon. But will the trend last and quality out? I do hope so.

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