150th Anniversary of the Tux


Exhibition: 10th – 22nd September

 Dinner Jacket

London’s stunning Burlington Arcade is hosting an exhibition celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Tuxedo. The ‘Little Black Jacket’ exhibition, in collaboration with London College of Fashion (LCF), will be exhibited in Burlington Arcade from 10th – 22nd September and showcase heritage pieces from renowned Tuxedo wearers Frank Sinatra and Truman Capote, alongside inspiring reinterpretations for the 21st century.

Visitors can discover more about the history of this very British style icon, a garment that effortlessly sums up traditional values of Britishness, craftsmanship and sophisticated style. The exhibition showcases an exclusive selection of heritage Tuxedo pieces, including pattern pieces from the fabulous Frank Sinatra and the original tuxedo made for Truman Capote to wear at his infamous Black & White Ball.

These pieces are displayed alongside Tuxedos created by talented LCF Bespoke Tailoring students. Shop windows throughout the Arcade also display stylish black and white photography of fashion superstars wearing their favourite Tuxedos, including Chairman of The British Fashion Council Harold Tillman, supermodel Marie Helvin and musician Mr Hudson.

Harold Tillman, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, comments “The Tuxedo and Burlington Arcade are two British icons that remain the epitome of timeless fashion. I can’t think of a more fitting environment to display this fantastic show, which is a perfect example of some of the finest British craftsmanship”.

The exhibition will then travel to New York, where it will be displayed at the Tuxedo Historical Society, before embarking on an international tour in 2012. With a huge resurgent interest in menswear and tailoring, this Autumn’s Tuxedo tour is the ideal opportunity to celebrate this most British of style icons.

Worth a look!


Tuxedo at Burlington Arcade: Saturday 10th – Thursday 22nd September

Mon-Wed: 08.00-18.30

Thu: 08.00-19.00

Fri: 08.00-18.30

Sat: 09.00-18.30

Sun: 11.00-17.00

About London College of Fashion:

London College of Fashion has an international reputation as a leading provider of fashion education, research and consultancy. The unique portfolio of specialist courses range in level, from short courses to Postgraduate.

About the Burlington Arcade:

Burlington Arcade is a truly enduring destination in the heart of Mayfair, uniting Piccadilly and Bond Street. It is a place where old and new worlds meet, united by a common thread of exceptional quality, authenticity, bespoke craftsmanship and creativity.

The longest and most beautiful covered shopping street in Britain, the Burlington Arcade has been heralded as an historic and architectural masterpiece and a true luxury landmark in London ever since it was first unveiled to great acclaim in 1819. As Britain’s first shopping arcade, it has led the way in retail trends and remains a pioneer to this day.

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3 Replies to “150th Anniversary of the Tux”

  1. Isn’t it great. Such an icon of the wardrobe! Afraid I’m not sure when it arrives in the US, other than it being the next stop. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Dear James,
    This is most interesting! I will make sure to write an article about it. I will be in London in November, which is sadly too late to see the exhibition. Do you know when it is going to be in the US?
    Thanks in advance!

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