Fin’s For Him

There’s something quite reassuring when you come across a brand that fits with who you are, as opposed to you feeling a need to fit with the brand. For those of us who wear the suit, shirt, and tie combo during the week, black leather shoes are the final ingredient. But what about the evening and the weekends? Some will find themselves stuck in a “work-mode” pair of lace ups that just look like a fish out of water when paired with jeans, chinos, or cords (pending season.) And then there are trainers. Great to dress down with, but you’re a smart, style conscious professional! Right?

Men's Shoes

Fin’s is the brainchild of London girl Alexandra Finlay. The brand was born from a desire to provide her boy friends with a classic summer loafer that fell between Bond Street and the High Street. The result has been a collection of footwear and accessories that stays true to Finlay’s mantra of “Simple, Classic, Affordable and Fuss-Free”. 

Fin’s launched in 2008, and has quickly gained cult status with a loyal following across the globe. All the suede moccasins are hand-stitched in a family-run factory in Portugal, and all the accessories are made in Italy. Whilst the Fin’s brand has become synonymous with summer holidays, Fin launched a range of “Shoedrobe Staples”, and whilst they cater for the office with their Oxfords, for me it’s the suedes that really are a delight.

Men's Shoes

Style is often a matter of opinion, but sometimes it is a fact and what Fin’s does so well is offer a shoe that is stylish and so wearable in equal measure.

Espadrilles have shown real authority this summer, even away from the beach, and the ‘Finspadrille’ was and is another “fuss-free” shoe to embrace during the summer months.

Men's shoes

But with Autumn calling with an ever louder voice the ‘George’ suede loafer at £95 and the ‘Chisholm’ suede loafer at £175, in brown and chocolate brown respectively – these are real winners. Put them with anything, and you will have accomplished everything one wants from a casual shoe: Something that is smart, easy, affordable, and ‘you’.

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