PM Steps into the Sun

People in the public eye get a hard time don’t they? After all, they’ve put themselves out there, gained some success through luck, talent and perseverance, and what happens? When they get it wrong, the rest of us throw virtual tomatoes at them – particularly the press.

Mr Bean or that other politician…? 

When you’re a public figure, or let’s say, Prime Minister – aren’t you allowed to be left to your own devices when you’re on holiday?

Let’s look at the PM. Not when he’s on duty, suited and booted with blue tie and white shirt.

Prime Minister

No. When he’s off duty. Recently he got a lot of press about his lack of style while on holiday only days before we all experienced the intolerable London riots.

Public figures like David Cameron know only too well that anything deemed as a slip up will come with criticism and come with the territory of the job.

Samantha Cameron

Shoes are important, wherever you are. I seem to mention them whenever I put pen to paper, but they really are. The mistake that Dave made was that he brought the office to Tuscany. Black shoes, on holiday, out of a suit, are an absolute ‘no no’. The fact that he isn’t wearing socks is a good thing. It’s stylish. The trouble is that it’s accompanied by colours that don’t belong in this setting. Forgetting the fact that he must have been baking in those shoes, what he needed was a soft brown loafer or perhaps espadrilles that are very popular this summer.

In turn this should have been teamed up with a pair of cream chinos or linen trousers to contrast the dark shirt. Alternatively, a pair of inky blue trousers with a white cotton or linen shirt would have looked the business.

It’s a known fact that mastering “Smart casual” is a lot harder than mastering “Smart”. With “Smart” it’s like riding a bike with stabilisers. You have the safety of knowing the ingredients. (Shirt, tie, suit). Admittedly, sometimes you can get those quantities wrong, but the point is “Smart casual” requires an awareness for what works and what doesn’t, even more so.

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